The Basic Essentials Of Weight Loss


The Basic Essentials Of Weight Loss
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Weight Loss is a simply refers to the reduction of the body mass, whether it is by reduction of fat or water content and if it is intentional or not.

Sometimes you want to lose weight, and other times a medical condition can make you lose weight. Unintentional putting off weight is always a reason for concern and warrants a visit to your doctor.

When you put off weight, you can lose fat, muscle, or water – or a combination of them all. If you are overweight, diet and exercise can help you to get rid off overall weight and body mass.

1-Unintentional Weight-putting off

The Basic Essentials Of Weight Loss
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If you find that you start putting off weight without trying. there could be a number of different factors at work. A lot of medical conditions may cause this to happen.

E.G, if you have Type I diabetes and it is not being run well. you can start to lose weight without trying. This is because your body begins to  consume fat and muscle for energy since it is not able to  access the glucose from the food you are eating. This is a serious condition that requires to be treat by a doctor.

Other conditions that may be a reason for unintentional loss of weight include altered metabolism according to HIV virus. some forms of cancers, and even hormonal imbalances like overactive thyroid gland .

If you start to put off weight without trying, how could you know when to see your physician ? A good sign to be concerned if you lose ten percent of your body weight over six months or five percent in a month.

2-Intentional putting off weight

The Basic Essentials Of Weight Loss
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Of course, the more familiar kind of putting off weight results from meant  attempts to lose weight according to fatness or if we  want to be healthier.

This is sometimes referred to as therapeutically losing weight,and is usually used to change the appearance or improve the health

If you have any medical conditions that are affected you by being overweight. intentional putting off weight is a good goal. These diseases can include things like heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis  and cholesterol.

Probably, you only need to be able to move a little easier or have more energy. Intentional weight loss can help you to achieve these goals as well.

Eating a little less and moving a bit more can take off those few excess pounds that are slowing you down. You may have an easier time participating in your “weekend athlete” activities if you lighten you load a bit.

One important thing to note is that crash dieting can be dangerous and should be avoided; nevertheless, you can still undertake it but under the supervision of a physician.

The body can have serious negative defects to a severe restriction in calories! so be careful if you decide to follow a very restrictive diet.

As you can see, there are plenty of things to know on this very subject. Although most of the time, losing weight can be dangerous and a sign of a serious medical condition.


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