Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat
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Nowadays, the East Coast of Florida where I currently live is being heavily polluted by a vile blue alga; this phenomenon is killing the local fish and making the sea stink to high heaven. Pollutants flowing from Lake Okeechobee are the main cause behind all this. Moreover, it is not only getting the fish sick, but rather the people are pretty much exposed to it.

This reoccurring problem seems to take place once every year, where south Florida gets above the average rainfall levels. Whatever the reason behind all this is, it is certainly not good for our fishery, our health and even tourism in our country, which will lose hundred thousands of dollars if the problem is not resolved soon enough.

This issue had me to thinking of different kinds of fish that may live while pollution exists in their environment and pass those pollutants onto us seafood-eating enthusiasts.

Having done some research on the internet, I came up to find  one of the most toxic fish that are swimming in our local area. The main contaminant in the fish mentioned below caused in the first place by mercury. Mercury is very poisonous to every man, woman and child, and as we eat the contaminated fish this mercury accumulates in our bodies as well.

Mercury cause several serious defects upon humans. The 3 most serious are:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Fish to Eat
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  • Kidney damage
  • Brain damage
  • Liver damage
Top 10 Most Dangerous FishtoEat
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Kinds of fish that have the most mercury in their tissue are listed below:

  • Swordfish
  • Amberjacks
  • Albacore tuna
  • Spanish mackerel
  • Marlin
  • Bluefish
  • Tilefish
  • Kingfish (king mackerel)
  • Cobia
  • Sharks
Top 10 Most Dangerous FishtoEat
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Still, some delicious fish out there do not have high mercury levels:

  • Tripletails
  • Triggerfish
  • Flounder
  • Vermillion Snapper
  • Dolphin (mahi)
Top 10 Most Dangerous FishtoEat
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However, this does not mean that the fish previously mentioned are necessarily bad to eat in moderation. Similar to everything in our life, moderation is the key to lead a healthier life. This article is meant to be looked at as a public service notice to us fish-eating enthusiasts. If you love to eat king mackerel, eat it on separate days. However, eating it every day would be a bad idea indeed and you will regret it later on.

Moreover, the fact that are typically high in selenium is another fact to consider. Actually, selenium breaks down mercury in our body. This is probably why having high mercury in your dish in moderation does not cause too many health problems for most people who follow moderation in their diet.


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