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10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More

10 Things All Men Want Women To Do More
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We thought that it would be interesting to uncover what men wish women did for them even more. From homemaker duties to taking high risks, what we are going to mention next is full with 10 things men want women to do more. Therefore, Ladies, we are sorry for putting you on our telescope, men you are welcome to release your feelings.

1. Be Natural Do not Fake It

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We live in a society that does not promote natural beauty, but rather fake, eyelashes, hair and even body parts. This phenomenon has become a usual thing in our “norm”. Therefore, women think that this is what men look for, they simply saw society promote it and followed it. However, that is not the case, as all men prefer a natural woman and not a fake one. Men love simple beauty and being with someone who is comfortable in her own look so as their look and not a one that is trying to modify that. Many men believe that women look better with no makeup on at all; simply put, they prefer women’s God given beauty.

We have previously mentioned this, but we will assert it again, men love a woman who have confidence in herself and her beauty! They see confidence as the sexiest thing a woman can ever have. Instead of wanting to hide behind some fake looks that is not yours or even alter yourself, simply accept yourself and love your own flaws because that is what men really want women to do.

2. Play Video Games

10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More
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Gamer girls are so sexy, so if your partner loves gaming try to share with him his own hobbies; it does not mean that you need to that good in it. Nevertheless, it is impossible to deny your man really wants to see this effort from you. Video games are an activity you both can share instead of fighting, and even enjoy together. Ladies, try it, you never know, you might actually like it.

3. Be the One in Control

10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More
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Many women let man take charge of everything; however, this puts on much pressure on most men. What we mean by being in control does not necessarily mean in the bedroom only (although more on that below), but rather in numerous life situations. For example, your man will appreciate it much for you if you decide which restaurant to go to or pick what movie to watch.

Women tend to escape any decisive situation, which drives men completely insane. Therefore, by taking control of some stuff, it will display your confidence, which will make you even more desirable to him. If becoming responsible of some decisions scares you, start with little things like initiating small parts in your date. You will soon learn that by taking charge, you are making both your life and your man’s life a lot easier.

4. Stay Away From any Drama

10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More
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No one can deny how women tend to be in the middle more drama in one month then a man can ever go through in his entire life. Men hate drama; they hate any conflict of any sort. However, women may not tend to love drama by their nature, but they are not trying to avoid it either. This is something that really bothers most men because they believe it to be something time consumable and boring. Men are turned off when a woman gossip poorly of someone else, for them it a sign of insecurity. Actually, women should envy men about their lack of involvement in drama. In addition, when a man is ever involved in drama, a woman is always behind it.

5. Don’t Be a Robot

Men are far from being perfect; however, many men are genuine to themselves, which is far different that as for most women. Many women want to deliver off a certain image to the world leaving their own fingerprint; however, this is something men see right through. Men are attracted to women with flaws, they are aware that no one is perfect and they tend to fall in love with these little imperfections. Today’s generation of women tends to act like robots, who do not wear, look or say something imperfect in any way shape of form which truly bothers most of men.

6. Be the One to Take First Move

10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More
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Many women shy away from this matter and many more men yearn for it. Being the one to take the first move is one of the sexiest things a woman can do to her man. A woman should have enough confidence to make the first move (both in terms of dating and in the bedroom) which is the kind of women all men yearn for. Most women think that the first move can make you look desperate; however, it is totally the opposite. Believe in Fishing Benefits!!

Men view women who take the first move as someone who sees something she wants and goes after it. Another reason behind this issue also is the fear of rejection. What women do not realize is that men share them the very same fear, which is why it is unfair to expect that a man is always the one to make a move. For instance, if you want to kiss him, go for it, this will make your chances of him falling even harder for you even more.

7. Say What You Mean

“Mean what you say, and say what you mean” this is something you should start doing. Many women have word vomit, they say whatever they want when they feel like they want to do it and they do not realize the lasting impact of their words on their man. Men differ from women, as they tend to say their words carefully, which is why when women get insane and act irrationally, it will make their man take a big step back from this relationship.

Women need to be honest with men because that is the only way that relationships are going to work. I know that I am not the only woman to lie to my boyfriend instead of telling him what was really bothering me. Be honest, this is what most men want. They want to share your feelings instead of being confused as to why you are so upset.

8. Cook for your Man

10 Things All Men Want Women to Do More
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Women should take care of their men. We know we are not the only people to say that the best way to a man’s heart is his stomach, and this statement is nothing but the deep truth. Several men wish that women cooked more for them, especially men whose mothers cooked for them in their childhood. It is somehow weird but men tend to go for women who share some qualities as their mothers, which is why being “motherly” as a woman is always the best thing.

Men are creatures need to be taken care of; many men wish that their significant ones cooked more for them. This does not mean that you spend every day slaving away in the kitchen, but rather learn a few of his favorite meals he is sure to be a happier man. the 5 best protein foods for weight loss

9. Use your phone less – give him a share of your time

Women tend to use their phone every day everywhere, between texting, Snapchat and Instagram, women are pretty much obsessed with spending the entire day on their phones. If you are okay with being on your phone, you are about to change your mind. Men despise when a woman lives on her phone for her phone. Not only is it going to cause some major annoyances, but also it is one of the biggest turn offs to them that can change their mood 180 degrees.

10. Do not Be So Nosy

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Women have the thing that they need to know everything and this drives men out of their minds. Women, whether you admit it or not are nosy beings; they usually ask questions that irritate men more than you can ever imagine. Women want to know every little detail in their daylong. For example, they care to know who they are texting, who just called them, who the girl he just became Facebook friends with is and the list goes on.

If a man is with you that does not mean it is essential for him to share every detail of his life with you. Women tend to believe that they have the right to know everything; however, there is something called privacy. Our theory is that if you are snooping around looking for something that he does not want you to know, then the relationship is already over. Stop snooping, start trusting, and make it your motto in every relationship.


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